X-Jets Jet Blade  $6295

Durable Marine Construction. Starting from the back of the jet ski and working forward, here is what makes an X-Jets system solid.

Individual CNC machined adapters for each brand of jet ski. Choose from Yamaha, SeaDoo and Kawasaki. Four holes to connect to your jet ski pump, one solid connection, simplicity in action.
40 micron hard anodize coating and o-rings sealer connection. Marine worthy and power efficient.
Stratospheric’s own 316 Stainless steel “Big Pin” Speed Clamp. Solid, fast and dependable, handles the power, workhorse day to day with no downtime.

Kawasaki, SeaDoo, Yamaha. Machined adapters for each brand of jet ski, nothing to get lost, no extra parts, solid cast aluminum.

Super durable “SuperClamps” dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution.
Fiber reinforced Silicone elastomer 180 degree redirect, from supercharger hose producer. Thick tough flexible, takes the stress off the jet ski pump.
Fiber webbing wrapped and flexible link construction. Takes the power and contains it with the flexibility to deal with the bumps and knocks of the real world.
A second Big Pin Speed Clamp at the end of the hose. Fast breakdown and assembly of the hose from the U re-direct. Keeps the system storage simple and carrying to the beach a breeze.
20 meters of Dual Jacketed, PolyUrethane, 2000 denier hose, ribbed for abrasion resistance. Ride it hard and put it away wet, our hose won’t mildew, can handle coral scrapes without blowing apart.
CNC alloy connectors on all hose ends. Hard anodized, durable extruded marine alloy. Precision and durability, give it a shake, it is precision built.
CNC cut, marine alloy 360 degree unlimited swivel, our own design, o-rings and dual rows of Delrin bearings. Take a look at the photos, we minimize the water wash to just enough to clean out the bearings without turning the whole thing into a carwash. Precision, durability, easy to maintain and service.

20 Meter, Dual Jacket Polyurethane hose with 360 degree swivel and 316 Stainless BigPin Speed Clamps.

Hydro Shaped Y tube from the HydroShaper. Computer designed and engineered, but the proof is in the putting, look at the clean powerful flow of the jets. Compact power.
Dual row sealed bearings under each foot, Stratospheric brought this construction to the hydro world back in 2012, this is the way to harness the power and keep it smoothly under control. Clean power, durable.
TriDro Tube nozzle design, straight down for power, induced five degree kick for stability. Pure directed power with intelligence.
Durable rotomolded, foam filled floats. Floatation with style and low drag in the water. Visual harmony.
Quad grab bars, virtually unbreakable modified Nylon, hydrophilic. Free your feet and open the doors to new directions. Indy Jets. Takes out the “board” and the boredom at the same time.
Adjustable stance width. We know that people come in different sizes, we build for all, not just the smallest common denominator, stance widths from 38 to 42 centimeters. Rails allow limitless positioning. Ergonomic and more like the other boards you ride.
Compatibility with all wakeboard boots and bindings. There are some awesome boots out there, why limit you to a crappy low end choice? We build a modular system that allows you to choose the right binding for you from a local dealer. Choice is good.
Sport design. Not plumbing.