X-Jets Jet Pack  $9995

The smoothest hydro jet channels available
We engineered our tough power channels from the back of the jet ski, up, to deliver maximum water thrust. Smooth sand-cast Y divider and dual over the shoulder concentrator nozzles keep the water flowing fast and furious. No sharp angle or tight corners to generate turbulence. This means more power from your jet ski, without cavitation! You get all the power and more performance for less fuel consumption. Of course power means nothing without control. Each nozzle has two full complement rows of 6mm engineering polymer precision bearings that are sealed with o-rings. The bearings control the thrust and let you turn as smooth as silk.
Torsion bar steering balance
The required steering effort is very low in the X-Jetpack. The best flight control comes with the assistance of the torsion bar, balancing the forces between the two arms and dampening the turning over-reactions. We settled on the solid nylon bar that is nearly bulletproof. Go ahead and lift up our jetpack by the torsion bar, it can take it.
Floatation face up! We built the obvious, a jetpack with floatation balanced in the front
Seems like the most obvious thing, flotation positioning to help orient the user face up in the water. We build it into every model. Safety first and a more comfortable learning experience for the first time user. Fall into the water and you pop back up, face up, to the surface in less that two seconds.
Ease of control, free moving ball bearings in the steering nozzles
The exclusive, innovative X-Jetpacks design pivots smoothly on a central stainless steel axle, nothing to pull on your arms when the tether hose gets tight or a wave hits the watercraft. Super smooth turning arms react when you move. Allowing you to stay in the air longer with less effort. Our torsion bar keeps the balance right.
Open, forward looking design
The wider placement of the arms gives an open feeling to you flight over water. Space to move, space to see. The wide roll-bar protects you from bumps and knocks while waiting in the water and tilts backwards to allow you to tilt your head back and see forward when taxiing at takeoff.
Revolutionary Saddle design stabilizes your body naturally without effort
Pilot feedback confirms that the X-Jetpacks Saddle is one of the biggest advancements in the complete history of jetpacks. And we mean all the way back to the 1960′s! 40 percent of your body weight is in your legs, Keeping your legs still without effort is the key. Our design does this in the most natural way possible. The concave design give you something to grip onto. Natural control and pendulum swing dampening.
MSRP $9499 USD
Why did Stratospheric Industries build the world’s best jetpack and make it the most affordable one available? Because they want people to fly it, and so do we. The best in strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant materials, designed for sport use. Real, revolutionary, innovation from the no B.S. jetpack company.
Opportunity for sales, rentals and training
Dealerships available nation-wide, some exceptions apply. Inquire on our contact page.