Spare Parts

Venturis         $451

There are 3 different Venturi available, one each for Yamaha, Sea Doo and Kawasaki. These will fit most jet skis from 2000 onward, however, be aware of model year 2010 Sea Doo as the Sea Doo Venturi will not fit the 3 bolts version they did that year. Use only 4 stroke Jet Skis.
Hose         $995

20 Meter “LeMans” Hose
Dual Urethane Jacket, smooth bore, smooth shell, Polyester weave 116mm diameter, custom manufactured hose specifically for hydro sport with maximized shell and liner adhesion. Super tensile strength completely resists hose breaks in the hardest of tricks. *price is for hose alone, does not includes fittings or clamps.
Hose Clamps         $128 (set of four)

Super Clamp 125mm
Marine Grade 316 Stainless steel , double bolt, hex cap, super tough hose locking clamps. with aircraft locking nuts. Set of four pieces. Size 120-130 is for thick silicone U hose connections.

Y Speed Clamp         $131

Y Speed Clamp 4.5
Investment cast 316 Stainless steel plunger pin clamp. Mounted at the base of the Jetblade Y main tube and mounts to the exit end of the power hose CNC flange.
Hose End Speed Clamp         $131

Hose End Speed Clamp 5.0
Stainless steel, 316, Big Pin Speed Clamp, mounted to the end of the power hose at the ski end and at the Venturi mounted to the ski.
U Pipe / 180         $622.50
Polyester fiber reinforced, pure Silicon rubber U 180 redirect pipe, orange. Extra 8.5mm thick with six layers of reinforcement. Smooth bore lining carbon black, shock resistant. Price is for Silicone U only, does not include CNC ends, hardware, or expansion limit loops.
Hose Reinforcement Loop Set         $87.50
External, flexible, high strength loops for containment of U 180 Pipe.
Rotary Connection Assembly         $320
Complete rotary set for 360 degree swivel at exit end of power hose.
Rotary Connection Inner         $120
CNC machined, hard anodized Aluminum alloy inner bearing race and flange connection.
Rotary Connection Outer         $161.50
CNC machined, hard anodized, aluminum alloy outer bearing race and hose connection barb.
End Barb Inlet         $147
CNC machined, hard anodized black flanged U 180 End Barb.
End Barb Outlet         $131
CNC machined, hard anodized, aluminum alloy outer bearing race and hose connection barb.
Roto Float         $142
HDPE rotomolded, underfoot flotation cell. Foam filled for long life floatation assistance. One side.
Baseplate Assembly         $141.50
Baseplate Assembly Left, left baseplate, two CNC stainless inserts, plastic slider insert, mounting screws.
Baseplate         $121
Baseplate only, not as illustrated. Extruded, CNC machined, hard anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum. Laser etched graphics, slotted for variable stance width.
Binding T-Nuts         $13.50
Set of two (2) CNC machined 316 stainless steel sliding T-Nuts for mounting bindings onto baseplates. Metric M6 threaded holes.
Rotary Port Cap         $4
Port cap of rotary to contain 12.7 mm Delrin ball bearings.